Kente- Indigo and Mud – Pillow Cover


*Item Only Available For Customers Outside South Africa*


The design is a smaller Geometric Pattern inspired by the West African Bamana women, North of Mamako. Bamana women are famous for the geometric patterns that they decorate themselves with. This interpretation lends itself to decorators that enjoy a Tribal geometric feel. This is an artisanal fabric. The artwork is hand drawn in our studio and then transferred to screen.


Design Application

This stunning pattern with 80% Coverage lends itself to upholstering and curtaining. The design can be used in any direction or as panels.

Detailed Item Information

Code: PC

Rub Count: 21000

Coverage (%)  80%

Print Type: Meterage

Zip: Hidden and cream

Piping: Plain

Base Fabric – Code (FAB)

This fabric is a 100% Cotton with high durability making it suitable for upholstery, curtaining.

50 x 34cm

50 x 50cm

60 x 60cm

Rub Count: 21000

Fabric/meter Weight:  355gsm

Fabric composition:  Linen/cotton mix

Fabric Width:  140cm

Rub Count: 21000

Weight: 315gsm

Fabric composition: cotton 100%

Fabric Width: 150cm

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  • + Care Instructions
    • 40°C Machine wash on a short/hand-wash cycle.
    • Do not tumble dry.
    • Use only a small amount of delicate soap powder.
    • To avoid abrasion do not wash in a full load.
    • Iron on the reverse side.
    • Do not spot clean with harsh detergents.
  • + Notes
    • We specialise in custom orders, if you would like to order a tablecloth in a different size please contact us at
    • We hand-print only on natural cotton and linens therefore due to the nature of the fabric/monitor differences colour variations may occur.
    • We have used eco-friendly pigments bases in the creation of this product.
    • Colours may fade overtime if fabric is exposed to extended periods of harsh sunlight.
    • Slight shrinkage may occur.