Hello dear friends,

Another exciting week has passed and every moment of every day is a buzz of activity and creativity.  It is so exciting to be making and selling from the same space and thrilling to see the awe and wonder of each and every visitor that enters our studio.  Our little team is growing as we throw ourselves into new projects.  I am delighting in teaching them new skills and they are grabbing all the opportunities offered.  I am doing my best to empower and share with them all my knowledge, how to run a sustainable business, how to run an ethical business, how to take ownership, how to create, how not to waste and how to work with what you have. There seems to be a little glow of light on the horizon and this morning when I arrived at work I had a little bounce in my feet as I ran up the stairs.

I don’t want my weekly news to be about selling.  I want to share with you our story, who we are, how we create, who are the people that make your product.  I want to share with you our process.  The beginning of a design to the end. The struggles and the joys of the creative process.  I think this sharing can be fun and beneficial to all. Our strength lies in what we do and who we are and this is what I am going to share.  Some of you will unsubscribe and this will not be your thing but that’s fine too.  What we want is to engage with a community of people that share the same interests and the same passion.

A while back we created some small screens for a serviette to match our Ndebele tablecloth.  We printed these on a fine fabric, as is called for in a serviette. I was never entirely happy with the serviette and painting these tablecloths was not viable as it takes ages to complete one.  Whilst playing on the printing table we noticed how beautifully plain blocks of colour print on our Hirado fabric (This is a beautiful Slub cotton).  This gave me an idea to print this and create some new cushions.  Here is a pic of Jeff doing some strike offs.  We are delighted with the results and an added bonus is that this fabric has lots of bumps and slub,  this adds texture and shade to the colour.

The end results are stunning and work beautifully in our Namib theme of warm earth colours. 

This is Amanda painting our signature piping that we use to add pops of colour to our cushions. On the right is the finished product and I think they look gorgeous.


We had a lot of positive feedback on the Zebra so we explored a bit further.  What do you think?   We are thinking of doing this design  in running meterage, as besides making up product it can also be used for curtaining and upholster.  I hope to have this ready for next Friday News.  But please give us your feedback.  


This little cutie was made up into a padded tablet bag.  I really love it and due to lack of time was struggling to make this into a repeat for running meterage.  I was just starring at it and suddenly I realized it would fit exactly into our placemat size.  Our team quickly printed it for me and we then went about painting the border on.  Sandra, as I type, is busy sewing it up so I can’t wait to see how it turns out.  Oops!  Not what I’m looking for lots more work to be done!  But I’m not giving up I think it could become a good product.