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Autumn News

Dear Friends, over a quarter of the year has passed and I thought it would be an opportune time to share with you the fruits of our hard work at our Studio before I leave for the spring planting season in Spain.

It is always difficult to leave Cape Town, particularly at this time of the year as we ease gently into autumn. With the turning of the seasons a wonderful calmness seems to descend upon Cape Town. The wind drops completely, the light takes on a magical luminous quality.

I am fortunate to drive daily over beautiful Ou Kaapse Weg mountain pass to work through Silvermine Nature Reserve  and I am sure that I am not alone in feeling an enormous sense of peace and awe as I look out over the landscape and marvel at our indigenous flora and fauna, the grasses, proteas and all the varieties and colours with their myriad shapes and patterns.

It is impossible not to be aware of the vast blue skies with its ever changing clouds, sometimes wispy but of late they are billowing like large balls of cotton wool heralding in the new season. As I reach the peak and start descending, my eyes can move further into the horizon and take in the coastline with the sea and the white of the sand and the Hottentots-Holland mountain range across the bay so clear in the autumn light. I know I am not alone in taking a deep sigh of wonder and appreciation for this beautiful land.

My garden at home is also in bloom, in autumn many of our indigenous plants flower, which always comes as a surprise as it is so unexpected: spring is afterall the time gardens come to life, but this is Cape Town. Happily we have had some rain and the fear of our taps being turned off has receded, but we have all learnt the importance of treading lightly on the earth and using our precious resources carefully, so please don’t be put-off visiting Cape Town.

As you know I decided last year that it was time to take the company in a slightly different direction – to rebrand and to place our company where it belongs alongside the best local and international  design. It has been an interesting exercise, when one is caught up in the daily doing you can lose sight of who you really are, this seems a strange thing to say as it should be obvious, but by sitting down with an outsider and looking deeply at who we really are and what our brand values are, we were pleasantly surprised that we weren’t far off track.

Words like vibrant, passionate, joyful South African colours, the human touch, ethical practice, environmentally responsible are some of the qualities that came up and then we looked at where we see ourselves going. It became clear that colour is definitely a big one for us. We have a library of a few thousand colours and our colour kitchen mixes and measures from morning to night searching for that perfect hue that sings. This is one of our great offerings – you can visit our factory choose a pattern and a colour for your next makeover!

I have spent the last four months creating new products, upgrading old, creating new designs and putting them into colour collections. I share with you here some of the mood boards which we will be bringing your way over the year. Keep your eyes posted our way on social media and on our website as we share with you these new offerings.

Wetlands – Greens

Kalahari – Clay, Rooibos and Terracottas

Dessert Sands – Ochres

Noordhoek Blues – Teal and Cobalt Blues

Cape Berries – Strawberry, Blueberry, Pinks and Purples

African Sunset – Golden Yellow and Oranges

Summer Sorbet – Citrus and Pinks

Misty Cliffs – Grey blues

I hope these mood boards will inspire you to think colour and pattern and possibly bring some of this inspiration into your work or home. Remember we sell our fabric directly to you and by avoiding the middleman we sell quality, designer fabrics at affordable prices. You are also always welcome to visit our factory shop, to browse through our library of colours and patterns and take-in a factory tour where you see this unique artisanal craft happening in front of your eyes.

Happy decorating and enjoy this period of hibernation to renew, refresh and create. For our friends in the northern hemisphere enjoy the warmth, sunshine and joys of spring brings. 

My best wishes…

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Exploring unique artists in Andalucia

Hola from the Sierra Nevada Spain.  As many of you know I spend time here each year tending my garden, implementing my permaculture project and walking the mountains. One of the blessings of this place is the interesting and inspirational people that cross my path. Artists are, for obvious reasons drawn to this beautiful area and I have become friends with quite a few over the years. I thought it could be interesting to share with you some of their work and stories.

Christine Morro is one such artist, writer, photographer and teacher. Her home is Long Island where she works as an artist. Seventeen years ago she happened upon Capileira,one of the highest villages in the Sierras, she was deeply moved and so began a yearly pilgrimage. She has a deep love for the wild side of nature and the stillness and vastness of these landscapes allows her to honour and explore this side of her artistic soul. We live in an age where going slow is a luxury, Christine has made this into an art. Sharing time with her or simply looking deeply into one of her photographs or paintings becomes a moment of stopping, breathing and seeing the mountains that I know so well in a fresh and new way.

She lives and works from her studio Casa Lenador. The vistas are breathtaking and give Christine ample opportunity to communicate with the landscape that has now become part of who she is. Her art springs from this delicate and intimate relationship. She walks the mountains regularly, listening, gazing, feeling and when moved responds by creating delicate but strong zen like prints in blue or plays with water colours. This current collection Christine had named Blue Mountain.

As we print ourselves I was, needless to say, fascinated by the art of monoprinting and she was kind enough to give a demonstration and even let me paint and print my own piece of art. What is apparent is that this is a spontaneous painterly method of printing. Quite unique, as the end result has a lustrous luminous quality.
The process begins with Christine painting on a plate. She uses tools that she has personally made from objects she has gathered on her meanderings: sheep’s wool, grass, wood etc. then proceeds to paint, creating scratch marks on the plate. This is a reflective space where all that she has absorbed from the mountain is transferred to the plate.

Self portrait Christine

Once the artwork is complete it is placed on the printing press, covered with quality paper, blankets then rolled.

You are never quite sure what the end results will be. Unfortunately my pics do not do justice to these beautiful works of art.

Below is Christine putting some water colours into a series. These little cameos dialogue with one another and are best viewed in a group.

Christine likes to infuse her work with elements from the mountain, below is some earth pigment that she played with.

Christine has a little ritual of taking 8 sheets of paper on her daily walk, she finds a spot: the mountain speaks and she paints in watercolor then back in the studio reworks in pastels. The results are rich and deeply evocative of these sierras that I know so well.

If you are looking for inspiration and interested in learning more about the art of printmaking here are a few books from Christine’s collection. You can also visit her website
and her prints are available for sale.

Thank you Christine for an inspiring visit and sharing with me your tranquil space, your art and a life that is lived so authentically.

*Land art Christine

Warm Wishes

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