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Since 1987, Ngwenya Glass has been making glassware in Swaziland, Africa from 100% recycled glass. Building upon a reputation of quality, functionality, beauty & of being environmentally aware. The unique combination of factors that make up Ngwenya Glass, make it a living & breathing animal in its own right…
The products, which include a range of tableware, drinking glasses, vases, jugs and ornamental African animals, are all handmade from recycled glass. Most of this is from soft drink bottles, gathered from all over Swaziland . Not only are the people of Swaziland encouraged to collect the bottles, but Ngwenya Glass works with the local schools to instil in the children a sense of environmental awareness. In exchange for building materials and the sponsorship of the soccer team, the students must participate in roadside clean-up campaigns.
Select Glass Item Bottle Stopper - Penguin (0) Bottle Stopper - Elephant (0) Bottle Stopper - Rhino (0) Bottle Stopper - Hippo (0) Bottle Stopper - Giraffe (0) Spoon - Hippo (0) Spoon - Elephant (0) Jug with colour handle - Zebra (0) Jug with colour handle - Giraffe (0) Mini Jug with clear Giraffe handle (0) Mini Tray Jug with clear Rhino handle (0) Wine Cooler - 750ml (0) Wine Cooler - 2L (0) Medium Potjie Pot - Hippo (0) Medium Potjie Pot - Elephant (0) Champagne Flute Glass (0) Nelson Whiskey Tumbler (0) Crooked Red Wine Glass (0) Elephant Stem White Wine Glass (0) Elephant Stem Red Wine Glass (0) Candle Holder - Elephant (0) Candle Holder - Rhino (0) Candle Holder - Hippo (0) Candle Holder - Giraffe (0)   (0)
Ngwenya Glass Ngwenya Glass Ngwenya Glass Ngwenya Glass Ngwenya Glass Ngwenya Glass Ngwenya Glass