Monkeybiz Beaded Animals - Lions


Monkeybiz Beaded Animals - Lions MB-ANI-LIO-S4

MONKEYBIZ BEADED ANIMALS (Made in Cape Town, South Africa)
Back in 1999, Barbara Jackson and Shirley Fintz both, South African ceramicists and African art collectors had a “light bulb” moment. Showing a small beaded doll to a part-time student, Mathapelo Ngaka, who then took it to her mother, Makatiso, a skilled bead artist with the brief “can you do a doll that looks unique?” and Monkeybiz was born.

Word of mouth spread of this wonderful supportive and empowering project and the register grew to over 450 beaders. Against all odds, it has maintained a sustainable business and is a benchmark for non-profit organisations – Monkeybiz is defined by the fact that it has retained its creative heart.

Each piece is designed and made by beaders in their own patterns and colours, and although there is a standard range of animal types when each artist makes her own animal every piece becomes unique.

The Monkeybiz empowerment approach is remarkable because it encourages the woman to have dignity and pride in their work. It's based on the philosophy of making artists self-sufficient, to understand business and to take responsibility.

"Our Product is the secret to conquering the market. It's such an honest product" says Barbara. "Whether it's a small angel or large animal, it's a beautiful artwork, lovingly made. We've created a market that operates on the principle of "if you like it, you've got to buy it, You're not going to get a second chance, because it's an authentic ,once-off work of art. Even our price tags tell a story. On the reverse of every tag the artists sign their names".

In this group is the following beaded animals with their dimensions:
Lion - Brown *From nose to tail - 24cm *Height - 26cm
Lion - Orange *From nose to tail - 19cm *Height - 20cm
Lion - Pink *From nose to tail - 18cm *Height - 20cm

• Your MonkeyBiz Animal will arrive beautifully gift wrapped in tissue paper.
• International orders take approximately 25 days.
• Local orders take approximately 7 days.
• We offer free delivery within South African borders for orders over the value of R500.00.
• If you would like to make other courier arrangements please email us at
• You will be updated regularly with the progress of your order.

Care Instructions:
• Use a damp cloth with mild soap to wipe clean your MonkeyBiz Beaded Animal.

* If we do not
have your beaded animal in stock, we will order it for you, however each one is a one of a kind creation and we will not be able to order the exact same one, but we will choose a similiar design, this will delay the dispatch date of your order by 7 to 10 working days - We will keep you updated with the progress of your order. *

Select Animal Lion - Brown (24cm x 26cm) (0) Lion - Orange (19cm x 20cm) (0) Lion - Pink (18cm x 20cm) (0)   (0)
Monkeybiz Beaded Animals - Lions Monkeybiz Beaded Animals - Lions Monkeybiz Beaded Animals - Lions