Kaross Cards - Greeting Card


Kaross Cards - Greeting Card CARDS

Each card costs R40.00 (Size: 15cm x15cm)
Kaross started in 1989 as a small project by a citrus farmer’s wife, Irma van Rooyen, to provide a modest income for a few of the worker’s wives on Letaba Oranje Citrus Estate, in the Limpopo Province of South Africa. In just a very short time a small miracle happened. Previously dormant artistic skills and a wealth of common local knowledge worked as a golden thread to help reconstruct the inherent talent of the Shangaan and Tsonga people.

Today Kaross provides a good living for no fewer than a thousand Tsonga and Shangaan women developing their skills to produce artwork on a level of excellence that empowers them both economically and socially.

Their designs have now been used to make up these delightful Greeting Cards.

Each card comes with an envelope and is blank inside - Therefore these cards can be used for any occasion.

* PLEASE NOTE: If we do not have your favourite card in stock, we will order it for you, however this will delay the dispatch date of your order by 7 to 10 working days - We will keep you updated with the progress of your order. *

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Kaross Cards - Greeting Card Kaross Cards - Greeting Card Kaross Cards - Greeting Card